New Law Requires All Teachers To Carry Guns in Florida Schools

Teachers to carry guns in Florida Schools

“Teachers To Carry Guns” announced Florida School Board Association.

Florida parents are in an uproar after a shocking announcement today from the The Florida School Board Association. A bill signed into law recently stating that next school year all public school teachers will be required to carry hand guns on campus.  The School board will be providing each teacher with a 9mm pistols.  Teachers will have to take a mandatory 20 hour gun safety class and hold the proper licenses before the new school year begins.


“I really don’t feel this is making schools any safer by teachers carrying guns.  Mrs. Thompson is 72 years old, how is she going to fire a 9mm? This just sounds really dangerous.” said Florida parent, Pam smith.

27 year old elementary school teacher, Sandy Hopkins stated ” I became a teacher to educate and help children not to shoot people.”

Not all parent are disagreeing with the school boards decision today though. Parent Judy Stevens said “I think teachers carrying guns in class is exactly what we need. Schools are extremely unsafe nowadays. I feel better now that I know my 5 year old will be protected by an armed teacher.”

Teachers with gun permits are legally allowed to carry guns in over two dozen states right now. Florida is the first to actually require teachers to be armed at all times. In the states where teachers choose to carry a firearm, faculty are not required to reveal if they are carrying a concealed weapon or not. Only five of those states are allowed access to gun owner permit information by records requests.


After the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut five states gave administrators the option to arm school faculty to avoid the threat of armed gunmen. In a report by the Council of State Governments , Over 80 bills were introduced in 33 states relating to school gun policies in 2013.