Nike unveils the limited edition Air Obama shoe

Nike Air Obama Shoe

“This Air Obama shoe is designed with the working class in mind. Comfort and affordability were a top priority” said Obama.

Nike announced today they will be releasing the Air Obama shoe winter 2015. Just in time for the holiday season the shoe will be available in 3 color ways including a limited edition American flag version. The American Flag version will be limited to 500 pairs and priced at $125.00 while the standard versions will be $75.00.


President obama signed a 4 year contract with Nike and notably this is Nike’s first shoe endorsement deal with a non professional athlete. The Air Obama shoe is expected to do as wells as Lebron James’s shoe which has sales of $300 million per year. Along with the shoes Obama’s face and or logo we be featured on other Nike products as well,  such as posters, t-shirts, Polos, jerseys, and basketball shorts.

“I’m really excited to be working with Nike on the new Air Obama shoe. This shoe is designed with the working class in mind. Comfort and affordability were a top priority” stated Obama. The shoe which is obviously reminiscent of the original Air Jordans, features the Presidential Seal and will be manufactured entirely in the USA.

All the proceeds from the Air Obama will go to build basketball courts and parks in low-income communities. Tobie Hatfield, Nike Senior Director of Athlete Innovation stated “We wanted the Air Obama shoe to be lightweight, durable, and flexible, just like America. We achieved this by working with new materials and technologies provided by the US government.”


Air Obama commercials and print ads will start running summer 2015 and will feature Obama playing basketball at the White House and various courts through out the US as children and secret service look on. The Air Obama Nike products will be available everywhere Nike is sold.