White NBA Star Kevin Love Dislocates shoulder; Surprises No One and leaves for Boston Early

Kevin Love White NBA Star

Kevin Love Headed to Boston after shoulder injury

During Game Four of Boston’s season ending loss, white NBA star Kevin Love sustained a playoff-ending dislocated shoulder at the hand’s of fellow white NBA player, Kelly Olynyk. After the collision, both immediately began to apologize and insist that it was their fault. It is reported that not only did Olynyk and Kevin Love patch things up over a game of golf; White NBA star, Love, decided to spend his summer in the beautiful, white populated, tolerant Harbor City of Boston. Cleveland fans are reported to, “not be surprised at all, he’s white”.


The Caucasian Cavaliers Center refused to comment on his early departure for Boston. However, on the subject of leaving Cleveland, he has stated to “want to be amongst similar, complimentary, Caucasian players”. Ainge feels confident that no one is doubting for a second that Kevin Love is not going to opt out of his Contract and go to a city that has a long tradition of White NBA Stars. Cleveland is reported to not be holding their breath stating, “C’mon, Byrd, Mchale; Boston has a long history of White NBA stars. Plus, they have the most American Eagle Outfitters in the Country. What would any White NBA star do”?

As the NBA playoffs continue into the Semifinals, Kevin Love will reportedly be staying in Boston to finally start the series Lost on Netflix. It is reported that him and his wife have already made plans to host a party with all of their new white neighbors to discuss starting a farmer’s market in the neighborhood petition the city for more turtle-shaped, “slow-down” signs. Confirming the painfully obvious choice to be the White building block for a rebuilding Boston Celtics. As the city of Cleveland goes on about their everyday lives, we will have to wait until free agency opens up to see if Love decides to become another White NBA star in Boston.