Kanye West Offers $10 Million to Korean Geneticist to Clone Him.

Kanye West Clone baby

“This child will be the second coming of Kanye West”

An email thread between Kanye West and Korean Geneticist Dr. Hwang was intercepted this morning by the Korean Government. Dr. Hwang who has been under watch by the government for his experiments in human cloning, was having his email closely monitored.  The email contained a conversation where Kanye West was inquiring about having himself cloned and was searching for a scientist who would agree to perform the experimental procedure. “I want my music and life to never end.  If I clone myself I can continue my artistry forever. This child will be the second coming of Kanye West and will change the world. I’m prepared to offer you $10 million cash.” wrote Kanye.


In the email Kanye West stated he had gotten the idea of cloning himself after reading about a Korean biotech company that will clone deceased pets for a substantial fee. Dr Hwang wrote that he would take a live cell from Kanye and then would place the cell it into another egg that has its nucleus removed. A surrogate mother would then carry the embryo to term.

Kanye responded to Dr. Hwang’s idea of a surrogate mother by stating “It would have to be my wife Kim that carried me to term. She is the mother of my child and would be the mother of this exact clone of me.”  Dr. Hwang later went on to state he had ethical concerns since the success rate of human cloning would only be around 30% but he agreed to do the procedure anyways. Currently Human cloning is illegal in Korea And most parts of the world. The Korean government is still deciding if charges will be brought against Dr. Hwang. The U.S. Government has made no comments about Kanye’s cloning request.