J.K. Rowling Sex Tape surfaces and Includes Harry Potter Role Playing.


J.K Rowling sex tape is now online.

A sex tape featuring Harry Potter creator J.K Rowling and her husband Neil has been making the rounds online. The tape was made back in august of 2006 when Rowling and her family were vacationing in the Hamptons. The camera, $10,00 dollars in cash, jewelry and other personal items were stolen from their 7 bedroom beachfront house by a their housekeeper while Rowling and her family were at the beach.


At the time of the incident Rowling did not contact police and file a report probably due to the content on the camera. Attempts were made to tracked down the housekeeper but searches fell short. There’s no information on why the tape is just now coming to light.  Presumably because it was just sold to a distributor or porn site. World News Nightly contacted some of the porn sites streaming the video but all declined to comment.

The Rowling sex tape which can be seen on most major online porn sites, is mostly shot in different rooms of their beachfront house and is roughly 30 minutes in length. The video features the couple role playing characters from her hugely popular Harry Potter franchise. Rowling can be seen calling her husband “Harry” and referring to his penis as his “magic wand” while husband Neil refers to J.K as “Hermione”. At one point Neil is dawning a cape, wearing circular spectacles, and riding a broomstick around the living room.


Rowling and her family have made no comments on the subject of the sex tape. There’s no word yet if she will take legal action against any of the porn sites streaming the video or try to strike some sort of distribution deal. With an estimated net worth of 1 Billion dollars from the Harry Potter books and films Rowling can certainly afford legal fees.