U.S. treasury announces new George W Bush $3.00 bill featuring geolocation tracking

George W Bush $3.00 bill

George W Bush is the face of the new $3.00 dollar bill.

The US treasury department announced today that George W Bush will be on a newly designed $3.00 bill. Bush was chosen out of 12 other candidates most notably include Barack Obama, John F Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, and Jimmy Carter. The Federal reserve will began to supply financial institutions with the new currency immediately.


“I had been pushing for the $3.00 bill while I was in office. It will cut down on the amount of $1.00 bills in my wallet. I can’t stand those little buggers. The fact that the U.S. treasury decided to put my mug on it and not Obama’s is just shows my lasting effect on America” said George W Bush.

Notably the $3.00 bill is the most sophisticated piece of U.S. currency to date. The newly designed George w Bush  note will feature advanced security and tracking technologies imbedded in the paper. This new technology will make counterfeiting much more difficult and geolocation will track each notes current whereabouts at all times.

“Each $3.00 will have it’s own IP address with it’s location recorded and updated every hour. This way the bills can be tracked all over the world. If they’re in the bank, in your pocket, or on the other side of the world, we’ll know how much you have and exactly where they’re at” said  Jack Lew, Secretary of the Treasury.

The issue of the legality of tracking currency has come come up. U.S officials said the data collected by the tracking  is completely lawful and intended strictly to develop intelligence about counterfeiting


Over the next several years the treasury will be distributing and testing the geolocation tracking technology of the new currency. It’s unclear how the American public will react to their locations and spending habits being tracked. The treasury has not stated what they plan to do with the data provided by the George W Bush $3.00 bills.