Def Leppard Drummer’s Severed Arm To Be On Display At The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum

Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen

The arm will be part of an exhibit entitled: Legends of Rock: Def Leppard

Today The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announced that Def Leppard drummer, Rick Allen will be lending his severed  left arm to the museum In Cleveland. The arm will be part of a new exhibit entitled Legends of Rock: Def Leppard.


In 1984 while driving  through the Sheffield countryside, 21 year old Allen’s arm was severed from his body while attempting to pass a car at high speeds. Allen lost control of his Corvette C4 which hit a brick wall and landed in a field. Allen was projected from the car but his arm was severed from his body because his seat belt was not properly attached. His right shoulder was also severely broken in the accident also.

Doctors initially reattached Allen’s arm but, due to infection, it had to be removed. After the removal of the limb Allen kept the arm in a freezer in his garage for 6 months. Realizing that wasn’t a long-term solution, however, He contacted a local mortuary and had the arm properly preserved to displayed in his home.

Eventually with the use of specially design electronic drum kits allowing Allen to use only one arm, he was able to return to drumming for Def Leppard and made his comeback debut in 1986 with a well-received set at Castle Donington at the “Monsters of Rock” festival.

Rick Allen severed arm

This isn’t the first time the museum has had body parts on display. Past exhibits have included, Tony Iommi’s finger tip, Sammy Davis Jr.’s eye, and Jerry Garcia’s index finger.

“My arm was just sitting on the shelf in my den so I’m really excited that The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is giving me the opportunity to share my limb with the world. I know the fans will enjoy looking at my arm.” said Allen.

The Legends of Rock: Def Leppard exhibit at The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame museum will open Monday June 1st. Tickets are available on their website.