New study: child labor profitable business practice.

Child Labor

Survey reports above average revenue or profit margin growth due to child labor.

A recent business study from Oxford Economics provides some new insight into child labor. The new findings are from a survey of over 2200 executives in 27 countries worldwide. The survey reports above average revenue or profit margin growth due to child labor.


Since the industrial revolution companies have been using child labor. Children are expected to work long hours in dangerous factory conditions while receiving a lower hourly wage. Sometime as low as 50 cents an hour . Children have been found to be much easier to manage probably due to lack of education.

One company executive stated “There’s always a steady supply of children to work. With most American manufacturing companies moving production outside the US, we’ve seen an increase in jobs suitable for children. 25% of our employees are below the age of twelve. Bottom line children are good for profits”

The Oxford Economics study also showed that companies that manufactured consumer products such as smartphone, tablets and sneakers were able to have a larger profit margin while keeping retail prices affordable. This is due to children working longer hours and at a lower wage.

While most manufacturing companies in the U.S are still weary of using child labor, There are a handful of executives opening up to the idea. “We’ve been experimenting with the use of child labor. Our data and profits from the first quarter this year have been extremely positive. ” said Dell Computers CEO, Michael Dell.


 Walmart Ceo C. Douglas Mcmillion added “For some time companies and factories focused on using computers or machines to do certain  jobs. They thought it would save from having to pay employees. But we all soon learned the upkeep on machines is quite difficult. Child labor is much more cost effective in the long-run “

The Child labor debate will probably continue but with new companies adapting to the practice we will start to see more children in the work place.