Biker Gang Violence Has Waco in Fear Of More Bloodshed After Shootout

biker gang violence in waco

“Rival biker gang violence has Waco, Texas in fear of retaliation after sundays brawl-turned-shootout.

Waco Texas is a little more calmer now since Sundays biker gang brawl-turned-shootout between two rival gangs at a Twin Peaks themed restaurant. Less bikers are on the streets annoying car drivers, who actually have a destination and more bikes have been removed by authorities from the restaurant’s recycled plastic bike rack. But does this mean life is back to normal with less biker gang violence?  Waco Police say no.


A lot is still uneasy in the city. There are 170 neon spandex wearing bikers who are incarcerated in the McLennan county Jail. At the moment most are trying to figure out what they’re going to tell their wives. With each biker held on a $1 million dollar bond and charges of organized crime, the investigation could go on for months. Some are facing capital murder charges as well which could take even longer and bring their credit score below a 720.

Of the eighteen bikers injured in the hospital, eleven have been released and will soon be find themselves locked up in jail wishing they didn’t shave their legs for aerodynamic purposes. The other seven are stable and/or enjoying the vegan options in the hospital cafeteria .

biker gang violence group

Waco police are now fearing of more biker gang violence. “There is still a strong possibility of more terror, bloodshed, and retaliations. Violence usually brings more violence in the biker gang world.”  said Waco police Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton in a press conference on Tuesday.

A police informant by the name of Dan Berlin doesn’t think another clash is coming anytime soon but it will at some point. “The biker gangs like to lay low after an incident like this. Most will get back to their everyday lives for awhile until the time is right to strike. The biker gangs are patiently waiting and filling their days working as architect, accountants, and realtors.  But at any moment a farmers market, a TED conference, or an adorable little Sunday brunch spot could turn into a bloody battle.”


“Any time a biker gang turf war starts, it doesn’t stop. These guys look harmless with their neon outfits, shaved legs, and early 90’s wraparound sun glasses, but don’t let that fool you” said Berlin, who looks ridicules as well so he could infiltrate the biker gangs. “The war won’t ever end.”