Abortion Buses Hit America’s Roads in 2016. “Mobile Abortions Offer Safety and Convenience.”

Pink Florida abortion buses

Mobile Abortion Buses are the next step in one Florida doctors practice.

As the abortion debate rages on, one Florida doctor says he has the answer to the problem with mobile abortion buses. Dr. Ronald Seagrist of the Women’s Choice Clinic says he is changing the way abortions are thought of and performed. The doctor is moving the abortion procedure from the back alleys and perfectly sterile environments of a clinic to a fleet of pink buses that he jokingly calls “womb wagons”.


The idea of mobile abortion buses came to Dr. Seagrist after one of his six Florida clinics had numerous incidences of break-ins, assaults, and vandalism. With Florida in the top 5 states with the most abortions a year, Dr. Seagrist saw abortion buses as the next logical step for his practice.

Dr. Seagrist stated: “Mobile abortions buses will offer the same safe and sterile conditions as a clinic but with a spa type atmosphere and the convenience of performing the procedure at your door step. The buses will be equipped with the same medical devices and staff as the clinics. Each bus will feature a doctor, 2 nurses, a driver, and a security guard.“

Summer 2016 is the tentative date for the abortion buses to start hitting the streets of Florida. Dr. Seagrist went on to say: “We’re not sure the total number of buses we’ll have to start with but with abortions being such a popular form of birth control these days I’m guessing at least 20 or so. “


There will be many different services available on the buses including: first, second and third trimester abortions, abortion pills, fetal indication, birth control options, and GYN services. Financial assistance will also be available and a smart phone app is in the works to schedule appointments and make payments even easier.